scrawls and sketches

at the start of summer

it’s not officially summer yet, but it’s here. tempers are a little shorter, patience more slippery, and everything takes on a hazier, fuzzier, heated look. some days it gets too … Continue reading

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cards in the post

as if there aren’t enough things for me to do, i’m also embarking on a new project called Painted Postcards. it’s simple, really: you give me your address and i … Continue reading

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in which everyday matters

during may, i participated in the everyday in may challenge, which followed a month from the everyday matters list of creative prompts. i’ve tried this may challenge before, but i … Continue reading

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stuff in my bag

i spent a long weekend last week with lots of sketching opportunities only to find myself bogged down with too many supplies. i decided to whittle it down and the … Continue reading

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