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well, hello there

Overexposure, anyone?

That’s certainly a risk I take by adding yet another blog to my list of (many) things to update that contain the same…uh…content. But it might work out anyway. For those of you who prefer browsing my sketches at leisure, there is The JadeCow Sketches, where I keep an archive of at least three years of sketches, drawings, and paintings, and you can come and go as you please without the stress of proving you visited. There’s Flickr for those who like to comment and/or press the ‘Favorite’ button with shameless abandon. (Please do. I encourage this. It’s really good exercise for you.)

And now, thanks to Cole Wardell (who told me, “Girl blog that shit”), here’s the newest addition. The same content is available here that you will find on JadeCow and Flickr, but there’ll be more shop talk — about art supplies, shopping for art supplies, using art supplies, and then getting more — and process talk — why I decided to draw and paint something, what roadblocks I slam against, why I didn’t take that bright new can of bug spray when I went outside to sketch, and what I think of the final results.

I’m a hobbyist at best, and I hope that in sharing my experiences, regular foibles, and happy obsessions, some of you will be encouraged to pick up a pencil or crayon and put images and words to canvas, paper, or napkin.

Or not, but I strongly suggest you do. You might find something you never knew you had.


4 comments on “well, hello there

  1. Bleubug

    Shop talk is good. 🙂 I do get a bit confused about where to make comments now. :))

  2. Gentian Osman

    Hello! 😀 I’m definitely looking forward to the new blog!

    • inkpaint

      thanks! i’ll try not to be too boring. ^_^

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