scrawls and sketches

and then summer starts

…just as soon as someone you’re related to opens up their pool to be used like it should.

a mountain of strawberries

Irene's mountain of strawberries, set upon a platter.

mango float

This is Mango Float. This gives you brain freeze. This is the Good Stuff.


People in the pool, a person outside the pool taking pictures of people in the pool while I draw people in and out of the pool.

a pot on the stove

My sister-in-law is an awesome cook, and she uses this huge pot for stews, enough to feed 30 people twice over. Or thrice. Plus children. Now that's a cook.


What kind of summer would it be without orchids to grace its days?

It took me a while to force myself to open up my sketchbook and paints amidst the noise and flutter of a casual party where a body is expected to socialize. Good thing everyone stayed mostly by the pool, so I was free to sketch as I pleased without much interruption, although I think it gave everyone the impression that I was aloof and/or showing off, which wasn’t my intent. I did chat with people, though, but I’m not much in crowds, especially ones full of half-naked, freakishly extroverted people.


6 comments on “and then summer starts

  1. Gentian Osman

    Lovely drawings! 😀 Yeah, I used to take my sketchbook and draw everywhere but people thought I was strange. Haha. I think it helped me feel more at ease when I was in social situations because I don’t do well in crowds either. It’s like a security blanket. I don’t draw as much when out anymore though.

    • inkpaint

      Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel about social situations, though it depends on the number of people actually present. I’m okay with a small group, maybe 3-4, but a bigger crowd and it starts to feel exhausting.

  2. Andy McNally

    Beautiful illustrations!!!

  3. Julie (O-kami)

    These are great!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer inspires.

    • inkpaint

      Thank you! Hopefully my schedule winds down a bit so I can do more. Friday and Sunday were the only days I was able to just pick up a pen and paints recently.

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