scrawls and sketches

practice makes…

perfect. maybe.

some days, things go well: the sunshine is bright, the humidity is low, the children (not mine) are out at the land of make-believe, and i hear nothing but the trees and wind. the pen doesn’t stutter, the ink doesn’t vomit, the brushes gather to razor-sharp tips, and the paints land where they ought.

and then there are the other days. the kinds when your paper tears at the wrong places and not at the gum lines, when you drop your brush tip down on a freshly-mopped light-colored floor and find some staining phthalo or quinacridone spew rolling in a rather pretty dry-brush mark, and when the coffee spills across a clean sheet of properly stretched paper just because you happened to be a graceful toad.

and then there are days when nothing you put down comes out right, not the first time:

Central Park Lane, V1, in color

watercolor version 1, where the trees look like they're about to blind you

…and not the second time, a few months later:

Central Park Lane, V2, in Payne's Gray

watercolor version 2, where some evil elf has come to trudge in the snow for a meeting of thugs

…nor the third time, a day later:

Central Park Lane, V3, in Payne's Gray

watercolor version 3, where a person just barely managed to avoid audrey II growing just behind a shack at central park

…but perhaps there was some improvement on the fourth try:

Central Park Lane, V4, in Indigo

watercolor version 4, where it all looks like fangorn forest is having a party

so even on days when the cap of a paint tube refuses to turn and open, practice makes, if not perfect, then at least a very small step of improvement.


4 comments on “practice makes…

  1. inkophile

    Love the progression and the moodiness of the final version. It’s like going from sunlight to twilight. Nice job!

    • inkpaint

      Thank you! I’m not sure it’s the final version, though…hee!

  2. Gentian Osman

    I like seeing the various versions you did. I don’t think any are bad though! I know how it can be, trying to get it the way you would like 🙂 I’m always starting over 😛

    • inkpaint

      Thank you! I think I’ll tackle it again some other time. I’m always starting over too. I’ve got so many iterations of just one thing. And if it’s a commissioned illustration, forget it. There’s even more.

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