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stuff in my bag

i spent a long weekend last week with lots of sketching opportunities only to find myself bogged down with too many supplies. i decided to whittle it down and the video here is the current result (this will change, i’m sure). it’s still a lot of stuff, and i’ve given up hope of ever having a very minimalist sort of art bag. it’s just impossible. i hoard an astonishing amount of stuff and I Must Have Them All With Me, Always.

my apologies for the poor quality of the video, which was shot with my camera, and the jitters. and yes, i did take off the ring in the middle — i put on some hand lotion and forgot the ring.

this is my first time making such a video, and since i used my camera, it screams Very Amateur and No Idea What the Heck She’s Doing, At All. enjoy anyway.

some video notes follow. i have no affiliation with any of these companies other than being a regular, satisfied customer:

  • most of the waterbrushes, brushpens, nibs, and nib holders i bought from jetpens.
  • the midori traveler’s notebook i got (amazingly enough) from amazon, but the accessories for the midori (zip pocket, business card holder) were from maido stationery (who was out of stock of the original size at the time), as well as the long pentel colorbrush with black pigment ink (the first brushpen with the gray barrel out of the lihit organizer. the only other retailer that carries them is dick blick, and kinokuniya).
  • the platinum carbon ink that i use in my brushpens and drawing fountain pens come from goulet pens (one of my favorite vendors). so do the little ink vials (i have a few of these filled with my favorite inks, i swap them in and out of the fauchon box depending on my mood).
  • all other art supplies come from a variety of sources, and my favorite stores are new york central art supply (for lovely special paper that come in huge sheets for bookbinding or large flat work), dick blick, daniel smith, cheap joe’s, jerry’s artarama, and utrecht. the palette comes from natural pigments.

hope you find something useful in the video (aside from learning or confirming that i’m obsessed with art supplies) and it whets your appetite to go out and do some sketching or doodling or art journaling of your own. ride forth, and make art. it makes the world a better place to live in.


2 comments on “stuff in my bag

  1. Julie (O-kami)

    Dang, Mia – you carry a ton of stuff!!! 🙂

    • inkpaint

      XD i know! urgh. but! this is my long weekend away from home hoard, and i’d hate to be without something i like using. my daily stuff excludes the fauchon box and the arches block. hmm. that’s still a lot. …dang…

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