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cards in the post

as if there aren’t enough things for me to do, i’m also embarking on a new project called Painted Postcards.

it’s simple, really: you give me your address and i will send you a 4×6-inch postcard with a painting on it. it could be ink, or watercolor, or both. they’ll be sketches from life, from photographs, or from the nebula (my head). it’s a small piece of art mailed to your door, with all the stamps and creases and nicks of a long journey from me to you. all i ask is that you let me know how it got to you, because while it may leave me nice and fresh, it will possibly arrive in a completely different state.

none of these postcards will be scanned and uploaded to flickr or jadecow, so it really is just for you. (of course, i won’t stop you from showing it off, just make sure that if you take a photo, you blur both of our addresses first.)

what do i get out of this? why? i’m not sure. it’s definitely a way to paint and write letters at the same time — i’m a terrible letter-writer, some of you know this too well — so this is one way to put that wrong to some kind of right. and i like the idea of sending someone something that’s made just for her/him, that a small piece of me will somehow try to get somewhere wherever you are. and who knows? it might start a conversation that may never end, even if it only happens on paper.

postcards waiting for your name, and a painting.

so if you’re interested in a little postcard from me, do reach out on twitter or send me a message at amepleur at gmail. everything will be kept strictly confidential.


2 comments on “cards in the post

  1. inkophile

    Happy, happy!

    • inkpaint

      good, good! i’m sending a few every day this week. ^_^

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