scrawls and sketches

at the start of summer

it’s not officially summer yet, but it’s here. tempers are a little shorter, patience more slippery, and everything takes on a hazier, fuzzier, heated look. some days it gets too darn hot for anything other than iced tea, a fan, and a sit in the shade. other days we get all the rain april was supposed to bring, and then all a body is good for are naps anywhere it finds a comfortable spot.

right here is pretty good.

company in these early days: comics. or graphic novels, if that makes you feel better, more grown-up and literary or whatever. for me, comics — because i like fumbling my way into and out of various darknesses that sometimes hold fear, but always some kind of wonderful and some kind of mmm-magic.

a tower of comics waiting to be read.

my tower of pisa:

which comics are part of your reading list this summer?


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